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A statement from Jennifer M. Kay: 

"I had been searching for something to “fufill” my life for a long time. I didn’t discover screenwriting/acting/directing until well after I graduated college.  I already had a bachelor’s degree in advertising, a minor in sociology, a fulltime job as a project coordinator, and a giant feeling that something was missing from my life. That is when acting fell into my lap and happened to be the perfect fit. 

After taking classes for about a year, there was an assignment to write a skit to perform in class.  I had always attempted to write out the stories that resided in my brain in the form of short stories and novels, but nothing ever came to fruition until I wrote my first screenplay. 

It was the pilot episode of a webseries “Sisterly Disorder”, but at the time it was only a writing assignment for an acting class.  My teacher paired me with an amazing actress, Jodie Riccelli and we performed our skit as sisters.  We received such great reviews from the audience that I suggested creating a webseries, and with Jodie’s support, Sisterly Disorder was born.  

I am a rescue dog advocate and named my production company after my two rescue dogs, Luna and Kaylie "K".  My love for creating something from nothing has driven me to expand outside of the comfort of Sisterly Disorder and write and produce my first feature film, "tHe StaLL."

In the works, are two short films and a TV pilot."