Written by Jennifer M. Kay, 
Directed by Tom Schmitt and Jennifer M. Kay, Assistant Director Aimee Theresa and Danny Donnelly, Cinematographers Alex Schmitt, Drew Pizzo, Tom Schmitt, Original Score and Sound Design By Dylan Henning and Joey Fahey


Danny Donnelly as Jay and Jennifer M. Kay as Anna

It is the Flaws in people, the imperfections, in us that make us interesting, how you work with your failures, how you stare down what scares you most. The imperfections that make us human.


Anna and Jay are a young co-dependent couple in love. Their relationship has been rocky from the start with each person facing their own demons on a daily basis, Anna wears hers and Jay buries his.  Anna has always accepted both of their Flaws, but Jay refuses to face his and trust in her.  Will his most recent setback be the final straw that shatters their relationship?


Directed by Jennifer M. Kay, Assistant Director Danny Donnelly, Cinematographers Jamie Root, Original Score and Sound Design By David Onduscko


Tracy - Aimee Theresa

William - Dax E. Richardson

​Bailey - Jennifer M. Kay

Aaron - Danny Donnelly

​Silver - Ben Ruch

A completely improvised short film, created and filmed on a whim by a group of actors and filmmakers.  I hope you enjoy it!

A bickering couple returns home to find their basement has transformed into an alternate reality with a few unexpected guests serving up relationship advice!

currently in the festival circuit